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HDC warns action against Hulhumale flat violators

Fathmath Shaahunaz
05 October 2016, MVT 16:03
A flat in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale. PHOTO/HDC
Fathmath Shaahunaz
05 October 2016, MVT 16:03

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) warned Wednesday that action will be taken against flat tenants in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale who use the empty lots of apartment blocks for business or to plant large trees.

HDC’s municipal director Ismail Shaan said the corporation has been receiving reports of ground-floor tenants that construct rooms in the empty lots of flat blocks to lease, or grow large trees in these areas.

“We authorised them to build surrounding walls, but not rooms to be used,” said Shaan. “Planting a garden there is not a problem, but growing large trees will be a disturbance to other residents.”

He elaborated that constructing rooms or growing trees in the empty lots can be obstructions for flat maintenance and in situations such as fire accidents where they can hinder the fire fighting process.

Shaan said HDC is currently discussing suitable actions to be taken against violators, noting that the situation may get out of hand if left alone.