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Algo Blocks makes boat schedules available via Goloca app

05 May 2019, MVT 14:44
The launching ceremony of Goloca application. PHOTO: GOLOCA
05 May 2019, MVT 14:44

Algo Blocks Pvt Ltd launched Goloca, an application that will feature boat schedules throughout the country.

According to the company, the purpose of the application was to bring a massive change to the transport sector. The inauguration, held at Dharubaaruge, was attended by the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal.

Minister Maleeh declared that the application will enable tourists to keep track of domestic transportation and will, therefore, be extremely useful.

A picture depicting the Goloca interface and logo. PHOTO: GOLOCA

Algo Blocks CEO Hussain Shimhaz mentioned that the owners of the vessels would greatly benefit from the application.

“The application not only helps sell tickets but is also a boat management application. We developed this application so that it is able to do everything including managing the vessels, scheduling, keeping track of staff and ticket sales”, said Shimhaz.

Those working in the industry are now able to register for the application, which will then keep track of employee' attendance.

The Goloca application will be available for download by customers within the month.