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‘Jobsicle’ gets an upgrade

Lujine Rasheed
22 April 2019, MVT 09:52
Promotional image for Jobsicle. IMAGE/JOBSICLE
Lujine Rasheed
22 April 2019, MVT 09:52

In March 2019, Jobsicle upgraded its website and mobile phone application in order to cater more innovative features to its users. 'TalentPool' by Jobsicle was launched as an add-on to the website. 'TalentPool' is the biggest database of jobseekers in Maldives.

Jobsicle is a first of its kind in the Maldives. A 'one-stop recruitment platform' designed intricately to bridge the gap between employers and jobseekers in the Maldives. Services of Jobsicle is not limited to its website, it also offers its services via its mobile phone application as well.

Since its introduction in 2016, Jobsicle has experienced a vast and rapid growth in the number of users signing up for it, including both employers and job seekers. Today, there are over 10,000 registered jobseekers and 1,000 registered employers. Jobsicle strives to be the main gateway for hiring in the Maldives.

The team behind Jobsicle is a dedicated one, focused on business development, public relations, and innovative technological advancements.

The website and mobile phone application cater in different ways to its registered users. The two main channels are services offered to the jobseeker, and the services offered to the employer.

For the Jobseeker

With the newly introduced features, jobseekers will be able to create their CVs by filling out required details which will auto-generate a CV through the application. They can also upload and store their own CV and supporting documents to the website and mobile phone application.

Additionally, with a fully completed profile on the mobile phone app, jobseekers can simply apply to their preferred jobs through the app with a single tap. Jobseeker can also get notifications on newly posted job advertisements by selecting types of jobs of their preference.

For the Employers

Employers will now have the accessibility to manage all the applications for job postings in one stop. Screening, shortlisting, contacting the applicants and even scheduling interviews through the website are made available for the employers' convenience. However these features will be available for subscribed users only.

One of the other main features available for subscribed users will be the all new 'TalentPool' access. Subscribed users will have access to the database of jobseekers on Jobsicle. They will be able to filter and contact jobseekers directly. This allows active jobseekers the exposure and opportunity to be seen by the registered employers on Jobsicle.

Other features include:

Mobile App: Primarily designed For Jobseekers

- A paperless solution to applying for jobs

- Search and apply for jobs anywhere, anytime, on the go

- Create a modern resume from the app

- Scan your certificates and documents from the app

- 2-step job application process

- Search and filter jobs

- Notifications on new jobs

- Notifications on job application status changes

- Never miss a job offer

- Chat and communicate with employers

Website: For employers

- Post job advertisements

- Manage job applications from the dashboard

- Sort and filter applicants

- Identify matching and highest rated applicants

- Short-list, schedule interviews, hire or reject applicants

- Chat and communicate with candidates

- Access to TalentPool


- Profiles and Resumes of hundreds of local and international professionals and jobseekers

- Accessible to all subscribed employers

- Filter profiles based on many different criteria including gender, qualification, nationality, experience, etc.

Jobsicle has been an exceptional company determined to bring its users the best and new services with utmost convenience. The company professes to improve its features and add new innovative upgrades to the website, mobile phone app and TalentPool in the future. The company also plans to carry out free training programmes to jobseekers and candidates on career building and other relevant topics.