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Three towers to be completed initially, work to be expedited: Hamdhan

Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 16:38
FDC's new MD Hamdhan Shakeel visits the site of the flats being constructed in Hulhumale'.-- Photo: FDC
Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 16:38

Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) Managing Director Hamdhan Shakeel has revealed that initially, three towers of apartments will be completed. However, he added that he had issued instructions for work on the remaining towers to be expedited as well.

The newly appointed MD visited the construction site of the flats which was initiated by the previous administration. Speaking to Mihaaru News after his site visit, Hamdhan said that as per the schedule, the earliest date of completion of the flats would be in May/June next year, and that this would only include three of the towers.

FDC had previously stated that six of the towers were reaching completion, and currently undergoing finishing work. At the time, they stated that installation of elevators, as well as provision of water and electricity services would be completed by the end of this December.

However, Hamdhan clarified that the elevators themselves have not yet been brought to the Maldives.

"God willing, we will try to make the first three towers ready for accommodation by the end of February. That is including the external works as well. Once people move, we're looking to provide basic services as well. What I mean is, people won't have to come down from the fourteenth floor just to dispose of the garbage. We'll have fixed garbage hoods and such things," Hamdhan said.

"We are planning things in a way that will facilitate the provision of all basic necessities within a radius of a 20 minute walk."

Hamdhan has met with the contractor and other related parties and urged them to frame their work in a way that will avoid delays and assist in expediting the completion of the project.

"We have instructed them to better streamline the work. To increase the speed of the work, while at the same time ensuring quality is not compromised. We will achieve this and hopefully complete 32 towers by May, 2025," Hamdhan said.

The previous government had planned to build 4000 flats in 32 towers. Each floor of each tower will have eight apartments.

Hamdhan shared that the plan is to complete batches of towers in every six months following the completion of the first three towers.

He revealed that currently work has progressed beyond the fifth floor on all towers, and that super structure work is being conducted.

Hamdhan said that while the project had faced some delays due to the delay in appointing MDs to companies, he will now ensure that no more delays are caused through the absence of FDC employees. He said that the company will work on customs clearance of goods and maintaining quality as much as the financial situation of the company allowed.

Last August, then government signed an agreement with another Indian company for the construction of a further 4000 flats in Hulhumale'. Hamdhan stated that the company had been provided a period of six months within which to submit its financial report, and added that failure to do so would result in cancellation of the contract. If the company does submit financial reports within the specified time, work will continue as planned. However, Hamdhan noted that no financial documents have been submitted to date.

Hamdhan appreciated that there are some good components in the designs drafted by the previous government. He added that there are also certain things that required improvement. Hamdhan also plans to introduce a green development component into the designs, making the flats sustainable, and facilitating a better living experience for those that move to live in the apartments.

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