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Elections Commission seeks review of decision on MRM dissolution

30 May 2023, MVT 12:52
[File] Leadership of MRM and members of the EC participate in the ceremony to handover the registration document of the party in 2019.
30 May 2023, MVT 12:52

The Elections Commission has decided to request a review of the decision of the Civil Court ordering the Commission to postpone the implementation of their decision to dissolve Maldives Reform Movement (MRM).

The Elections Commission made the decision to dissolve MRM last Wednesday due to the party's failure to meet the legal requirement of maintaining a minimum of 3,000 members in the party's registry. Despite the deadline given by the Elections Commission to increase their membership, MRM was unable to fulfill this requirement, leading to their dissolution.

In response to a case submitted by MRM, the Civil Court issued an interim court order on Sunday night, May 28, to temporarily halt the implementation of the Elections Commission's decision to dissolve the party.

However, the EC tweeted that the Commission had decided to request a review of the decision of the Civil Court. The tweet did not specify when this request would be made.

During the court hearing, MRM claimed that they had fulfilled the legal requirement of 3,000 members when the Elections Commission had made the decision to dissolve the party. The party also requested a cancellation of the EC's decision prohibiting the party from conducting political activity in their name.

MRM said that they will file an additional case within 30 days to seek a permanent resolution to their current situation. The interim court order issued by the Civil Court specifies that if MRM fails to submit such a case within the 30-day period, the interim order will become null and void.

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