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US donates an additional 200,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines to Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
29 January 2022, MVT 16:37
200,000 of Pfizer vaccines that arrived in Maldives on Friday
Lamya Abdulla
29 January 2022, MVT 16:37

United States donated over 200,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to Maldives on Friday.

US has donated 200,000 doses to Maldives previously as well via the COVAX facility.

With the vaccine doses that arrived to Maldives yesterday, the total number of vaccine doses donated to Maldives by US has reached 440,000.

So far, the US government has provided USD 5.4 million in assistance to the Maldives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The assistance provided includes grant aid of USD 2 million, in addition to large amounts of PPE, PCR machines, ventilators, and other medical supplies over the past two years.

Pfizer vaccine is administered to children and high risk individuals in Maldives. Health Protection Agency (HPA) had also decided that Pfizer vaccines will be used to booster the currently vaccinated population as well.

As of January 26, 62,402 people had received booster doses in Maldives.

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