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Educational cartoon 'Kyle and Lulu' now on Dhiraagu TV

Raif Amyl Jalyl
09 July 2019, MVT 09:31
Producers of 'Kail and Lulu' children's cartoon program. PHOTO: DHIRAAGU
Raif Amyl Jalyl
09 July 2019, MVT 09:31

'Kyle and Lulu' is a local educational cartoon produced by Gorillacels that teaches children Dhivehi in a serialised format.

This is the first cartoon series produced by the company.

Telecommunications giant Dhiraagu announced on July 1 that 'Kyle and Lulu' is now available on Dhiraagu TV's video-on-demand (VOD) library.

Gorillacels intends to create more episodes of Kyle and Lulu, moving forward.

'Kyle and Lulu' now available on Dhiraagu TV. PHOTO: DHIRAAGU.

The cartoon is specially designed for children aged 2-7.

In an exclusive interview with The Edition, Producer for Gorillacels Hussain Ihvan described that conceptualisation revolved around making the local language Dhivehi more accessible for children by incorporating a more enjoyable way for learning.

He affirmed the importance that animation plays in children's development in present day as cartoons is where they first attain values, ethics and role models which are key foundational lessons. Hence, he noted that the lack of Dhivehi cartoons is detrimental to cultivating an environment of enjoyable learning.

In creating Kyle and Lulu, Ihvan revealed, "We asked children aged 7-8 about Dhivehi, to which their feedback was that the learning materials are boring. When they receive Dhivehi learning materials from schools and tuition centres, they are simply not attractive for kids".

As such, Ihvan further described, "With the lack of Dhivehi cartoons, there is a big void in Maldivian society, and that is the very reason we started developing our cartoon".

Ihvan described Kyle and Lulu as an adventure for children, "so that kids will learn by picking things up without knowing that they are watching an educational cartoon".

Moreover, Ihvan stated that all artworks and illustrations are originals locally produced by Gorillacels.

"This is just the start. We are developing the Kyle and Lulu adventure series. So this will be story-based. We are hoping to release the next series of Kail and Lulu next year".

Dhiraagu TV's VOD library service makes informative and entertaining films and documentaries available for streaming. The company is currently working on incorporating more content for the VOD library.

Moreover, Dhiraagu previously launched free subscription promotions until the end of 2019 for customers using 'Intro Offer' and 'Basic Package' for their VOD service needs.