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Addu violence: 11 arrested, one suspect released

Lamya Abdulla
08 December 2023, MVT 17:21
Police in Addu on one of their operations -- Photo: Police
Lamya Abdulla
08 December 2023, MVT 17:21

Police said they have released one of the 11 suspects arrested in connection to gang violence in Addu City.

While some of the remaining ten are to be detained until their trials end, the court has ruled that others will be detained for various durations.

Police said the suspect was released because they do not see fit to keep them arrested for a longer duration. These suspects were arrested in connection to two separate acts of violence. The violence in Addu began last month when a gang had graffitied over a wall that already held the graffiti marker of another gang.

An act of revenge for this took place on Sunday.

The police found weapons that had been prepared for use in additional violence yesterday.

Two people have been seriously injured in these violent acts so far. One person has been taken to Malé City for further medical treatment.

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