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Pay raise to be given for Local Council administrative staff

20 September 2023, MVT 13:18
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih: The President has decided to grant a pay rise to administrative staff of local councils
20 September 2023, MVT 13:18

The government has decided to increase the remuneration given to administrative staff working at the local Councils starting from October, 2023.

A press statement issued by the President's Office yesterday said that the 35 percent allowance that was arranged for employees of all state institutions starting from May of this year did not include employees working at local councils. Therefore, president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih made the decision to extend this allowance to administrative staff at the councils, beginning from next month. The statement emphasized that this move was aimed at addressing the concerns raised by administrative employees at local councils, and their input was taken into consideration by president Solih before reaching this decision.

"... This was an obstacle to the efforts of employees who work closely with the people in the provision of decentralized services. The President believes it is best to arrange this allowance for employees of local councils." said the statement.

The President's Office said that this decision will eliminate the discrepancies among civil servants' salaries.

Earlier this year, several councils had advocated for the special allowance provided to civil servants working in ministries to be extended to council employees as well. Some councils had even passed resolutions regarding the matter.