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Islanders Education unveils Sports Academy

Rabeeha Amir
07 September 2023, MVT 11:45
Rabeeha Amir
07 September 2023, MVT 11:45

Islanders Education, an organization that operates international schools across the Maldives, has inaugurated a sports academy.

The Islanders United Academy (IUA) was established in collaboration with Finnish sports and physical fitness experts. The academy aims is to assist young athletes in cultivating fundamental physical skills necessary for engaging in sports, prior to focusing on a specific sport.

The IUA will be under the guidance of Coach Jussi Huhtala, a highly seasoned sports professional with both a bachelor's and master's degree in sports, and over three 30 of expertise. Coach Jussi's career also includes 22 years in Finland, where he coached and instructed a number of accomplished athletes.

"Focusing solely on one sport is not the best approach to develop the physical fitness of students in their primary years. The aim of physical activity and physical education is to establish a broad foundation from a very young age, emphasizing the development of agility, balance, and coordination. By the time children reach the age of 15 to 16, having learned these fundamental skills, they will be well-prepared and versatile in every sport," coach Jussi said.

Ahmed Adli Rasheed, the Executive Director of Islanders Education, said that the Academy currently has limited time slots available, but there are plans to expand the academy to all schools in the country in the near future.

IUA's programs are conducted exclusively after school hours, with a strong emphasis on making sports activities enjoyable for participants. The academy offers a diverse range of sports, including obstacle courses, gymnastics, coordination exercises, jumping and landing techniques, running games, and drills.

Furthermore, students from Finnish schools are now eligible to enroll in the academy.

Information regarding the academy's schedules and fees, can be obtained from the IUA website.

Launched by Islanders Education, the IUA seeks to revolutionize the approach to sports education for children, enabling students in the country to receive world-class training at the highest level.

Islanders Education currently manages prestigious institutions in the Maldives, including Billabong High, Finnish Schools, Kangaroo Kids, and Ameer Ahmed School.

Note: This is an advertorial of Islander's Education.

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