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EPA warns action against capturing migratory birds

Farah Ahmed
27 November 2017, MVT 16:26
Lesser Noddy, a protected bird species in the Maldives. PHOTO/MALDIVES BIODIVERSITY
Farah Ahmed
27 November 2017, MVT 16:26

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday warned action against individuals who catch the migratory birds that travel through the Maldives.

Many migrant bird species travel from the northern hemisphere during autumn to their winter destinations. As such, birds that are not normally seen in the Maldives, such as flamingos, are seen in parts of the country towards the end of the year.

These migratory birds are protected by law, and individuals who catch them are heavily fined. Last August, a man was fined MVR 200,000 for keeping protected birds.

EPA said that despite its warnings, there are still several cases of individuals keeping such birds that are not regularly seen in the Maldives.

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