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Autism Association urges more social acceptance of people with autism

Aishath Mihna Nasih
02 April 2017, MVT 16:19
Some autistic children pictured with parents
Aishath Mihna Nasih
02 April 2017, MVT 16:19

On the occasion of World Autism Day, Maldives Autism Association (MAA) urged society to give equal acceptance to people with autism.

Managing Director of MAA Ifham Hussain said that some schools still neglect autistic children despite provision of a proper educational system to cater for them.

“All schools need to provide equal opportunities for children with autism. Rarely though, we see that some children are ignored,” said Ifham Hussain.

Appreciating the improvement seen in the community towards autism, Ifham noted that several challenges remain to be overcome by the society as one.

Though a proper study has not yet been made in the Maldives, it is believed that the nation will also have a significant fraction of autistic patients as one percent of the world's population is fighting to overcome autism.

Highlighting that some patients do not have any abnormal physical features, Ifham stated that young autistic children are mostly made fun of unwittingly.

Maldives Autism Association runs a cure center for the patients. MAA highlighted that they are providing all possible therapies for people with autism.

Noting that the association faces difficulty due to lack of adequate space, MAA expressed hope that the complications will be solved with the completion of their new centre.

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