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Peace despite political differences: Pres Solih

Lamya Abdulla
28 May 2023, MVT 16:19
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, speaking with the residents of Faafu Nilandhoo on Saturday, May 27, 2023 -- Photo: President's Office
Lamya Abdulla
28 May 2023, MVT 16:19

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated on Saturday that during his time in office, the sense of fear prevailing in the Maldives has been eliminated, replacing it with peace in the capital Malé and other islands.

Speaking in Faafu atoll Nilandhoo on his tour of the atoll, President Solih said that the country had been in a state of turmoil and fear when he was elected and therefore, his top priority had been to restore peace in the country.

"There was no sense of organization, no rules, and the people were living in fear. One of our most important tasks was to restore peace across the country, to establish stability, and create a way for everyone to live together, even if they have different political ideologies," President Solih said.

He said his government's aim was to work together to bring development to the people even in the presence of differing opinions and to develop both urban and rural areas while eliminating discrimination among the islands. President Solih noted that significant progress was made during his term to achieve this goal.

During a meeting with the residents of Nilandhoo, President Solih and his Ministers addressed the concerns shared with them.

President Solih inaugurated the Dharanboodhoo Harbour

President Solih visited Dharanboodhoo after his visit to Nilandhoo, where he officially inaugurated the Dharanboodhoo Harbour.

The residents of Dharanboodhoo expressed their gratitude to President Solih for the construction of a new harbour, which they believe will finally put an end to longstanding obstacles faced by the island. Nearly all 600 of the islands small population came out to welcome the President during his visit, expressing their gratitude for the construction of the new harbour.

The residents of Faafu Dharanboodhoo welcoming President Solih at the harbour on Saturday, May 27, 2023 -- Photo: President's Office

The project to complete the harbour in Dharanboodhoo was handed to Maldives Transport and Construction Company (MTCC). The MVR 40.4 million project was completed at the beginning of last year.

During the ceremony marking the official inauguration of the harbour, President Solih reminisced about his visit to the island during his 2018 campaign trail. He recalled the challenging conditions he witnessed, with rough seas and a lack of a functional harbour. This experience had resonated with him and made him aware of the hardships faced by the local community in traveling to and from the island. As a result, he had made a pledge to develop a harbour on the island.

"We had to wait over an hour to enter the island [in 2018]. Despite that, the people of this island waited for us on the harbour," the President said.

He expressed his joy that the pledge made on that day has been fulfilled.

The previous harbour on Dharanboodhoo was developed in 2008. However, it had succumbed to the elements over time, leading to significant challenges faced by the locals when it came to loading cargo and fishing vessels accessing the island.

President Solih is set to visit all the inhabited islands of Faafu atoll on this tour.