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Nasheed: President won't interfere my return

Lamya Abdulla
05 September 2021, MVT 14:48
Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed answering questions by journalists -- Photo: Ahmed Awshan Ilyas/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
05 September 2021, MVT 14:48

The delay in returning to Maldives is not because of the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, former President and Majilis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed said on Sunday.

In a virtual press conference, he said there were multiple reasons he cannot return to Maldives, in light of the terror attack on May 6. An IED attached to a motorcycle outside his residence was remotely detonated that evening, in an attempt to assassinate Nasheed. He is currently in the United Kingdom (UK) for medical treatment for injuries sustained on those attacks. He initially went to Germany on May 13.

Nasheed said he was unable to return were due to the fact that his life would still be in danger if he were to return, and the fact that he was still continuing his treatment.

In the first press conference held by Nasheed since the attack, he said he was still in UK not because that is what the government wished for. He said the President would prefer if Nasheed was back in Maldives.

"I am sad I cannot return to Maldives, my wish is always to be in Maldives," he said.

He said he was required to see his doctor every three weeks. Even though he previously expected he would be able to return to Maldives before September ended, he does not think that is possible anymore, he said on Sunday.

Nasheed said has faith the investigation regarding the terror attack will be successful. He believes the police will be successful and trusts the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed as well, he said.

He had previously expressed his reluctance to return while the perpetrators behind the attack was still at large as well.

The state has so far pressed charges against four people arrested in connection to the attack against his life. The investigation regarding an additional four people that are detained are ongoing.

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