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Nasheed assigns younger brother as his legal representative

Lamya Abdulla
05 August 2021, MVT 13:05
(FILE) Nazim Sattar, outside the President's Office in 2018. He will be representating Nasheed in the case of the May 6 terror attack --
Lamya Abdulla
05 August 2021, MVT 13:05

Younger brother of Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, Nazim Sattar, will be Nasheed's legal representative in the case involving the attempted assassination attack on Nasheed.

An IED attached to a motorcycle outside Nasheed's residence exploded on May 6, injuring Nasheed and several others. He is currently in United Kingdom getting further medical treatment for injuries sustained then.

In a letter Nasheed sent to Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem on Wednesday, he said that Nazim would be his legal representative on this matter.

In a press briefing held on Tuesday, Shameem had said the investigation has not received a statement from Nasheed and the statement was vital for the prosecution. Nasheed said the letter was sent to address the concern.

However, Nazim told Mihaaru News on Thursday that no decision has been made about providing a statement to yet.

Nasheed has previously addressed this matter by publicly tagging Police Commisioner Mohamed Hameed on Twitter. The statements that he made in Dhivehi can be translated to mean what more could he provide, except for what he had paid with already.

In the assassination attempt, Nasheed received most injuries from shrapnel inside the IED which was made using powdered razor. ADK Hospital had conducted several life saving operations in the hospital immediately after the attack. Later, on May 13, he flew to Germany for additional medical treatment.

His family has said the earliest Nasheed can return to Maldives is in September. It was previously believed that he would only come back when Parliament started its sessions for second term on August 16.

So far, charges are being pressed against four people in connection to this attack. Shameem said it is likely the hearings for these cases will begin this month.

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