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Adhuham pleads guilty to terror charges for attacking Nasheed; agrees to 23 year jail sentence

Lamya Abdulla
03 August 2021, MVT 23:18
Adhuham (l) after he attempted to change how he looked after the attack on May 6, and how he looked prior to the attack (r) --
Lamya Abdulla
03 August 2021, MVT 23:18

Adhuham Ahmed, who detonated the IED to attack Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed pleads guilty to terror charges and has agreed to a jail sentence of 23 years.

The state has charged Adhuham of committing an act of terrorism, organizing an act of terrorism, attempting to murder someone with a dangerous weapon, and supporting a terrorist group.

This attack took place on May 6.

According to the charges Adhuham attached the IED on the motorcycle and detonated it remotely, wounding Nasheed and several others. When questioned under police custody, he had confessed to supporting terrorist group ISIS as well.

If these charges were proven in court, Adhuham would have received a jail sentence of 37 years. However, the penal code allows for room for lenience if the suspect cooperates with the investigation. As Adhuham had cooperated, the charges pressed against him will result in a 23 year jail sentence.

PG Shameem at the press conference on Tuesday -- Photo: Nishan Ali/ Mihaaru

In the press conference held on Tuesday, Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem said the agreement between Adhuham and the state was signed yesterday. Under this agreement, he will be persecuted for participating in an a terrorist act, which will lead to a 20 year sentence. Supporting a terrorist organisation will lead to another three years added to his sentence.

The state has decided to withdraw the charge accusing him of planning a terrorist attack.

In addition to Adhuham, the state is also persecuting Mujaz Mohamed, Thahmeen Ahmed, and Ali Haisham. As enough evidence was not gathered against Ahmed Fathih, the state has decided to not persecute him yet.

Ten people in total were arrested in connection to this case.

Shameem said whether the attack on Nasheed was funded by another party is being investigated as a separate case during the press conference held today.

Police has previously said they had not received evidence that this was funded by another party outside of those involved in the case.

Shameem said he believes they will eventually be able to gather enough information regarding this matter as well.