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Construction Ministry orders safety measures to be implemented at construction sites

Maldives is currently experiencing bad weather, with torrential rain and strong gusts, likely to create unsafe environments at construction sites if not maintained properly. Ministry advises such places to implement safety measures.

Ameera Osmanagic
19 May 2024, MVT 17:07
[File] Bad weather in Malé -- Photo: Mihaaru
Ameera Osmanagic
19 May 2024, MVT 17:07

In light of the ongoing bout of bad weather in the country, Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure has ordered all construction sites to implement safety measures and eliminate the possibility of stagnant water to avoid mosquito breeding.

The Ministry published two separate press releases addressing safety at construction sites. They detailed that steps needed to be taken to prevent any unfortunate incidents caused by construction materials flying away during this period of bad weather and strong winds.

As such, the Ministry requested to pay special attention to prevent such an incident from happening.

"If materials used in construction sites, which have paused operations, are in a state where they may blow away due to strong winds, we notify [respective parties] to reinforce such materials carefully and take all necessary safety measures," one statement read.

The second statement addressed mosquito breeding, and said that the rainy season creates optimum breeding grounds for dengue carrying insects if environments such as construction sites have areas which may collect stagnant water. Due to this, construction sites need to be cleaned to prevent mosquito breeding, it said.

"Construction sites are advised to prioritise cleaning and clearing out mosquito breeding grounds," the Ministry said.

These notices come after the scaffolding surrounding Apollo towers in Hulhumale' Phase 1 were blown over by the wind last Friday evening.

Maldives is currently experiencing the rainy monsoon 'Hulhan'gu' [southwest] which normally lasts from May until November.

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