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20 homes in Feevah damaged due to heavy rains

Revealing that several homes across Male City, Sh. Feevah and Th. Vandhoo had sustained damages due to the persistent rainfall yesterday, NDMA disclosed that aid was provided to homes that were deemed damaged beyond livable conditions.

Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 18:10
A road in Sh. Veevah.
Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 18:10

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has stated that 20 houses in Shaviyani atoll Feevah has been damaged during the rainfall yesterday.

On a post made on social media platform, X, the Authority stated that twenty homes in Feevah and three houses in Shaviyani atoll Foakaidhoo had sustained various damages during the downpour in atolls yesterday.

NDMA revealed that water drainage works were ensued in Thaa atoll Hirilandhoo and Thaa atoll Vandhoo due to flooding as a result of the persistent rainfall. Moreover, the Authority disclosed that a home in Vandhoo had also incurred severe damage during this incident.

After soaring temperatures over the past few weeks across the Maldives, especially in the Male' region, heavy downpours on Saturday brought the capital to a standstill, with flash floods in Male’ City and damage to many residential homes.

NDMA stated today that a total of 132 premises had reported flooding in the area and ensuing flooding of their homes, further highlighting that 122 of these premises were attended with 732 sacks of sand used as barriers to block the flood in 104 locations.

They further revealed that they had concluded rapid assessments of 10 homes that reported difficult living conditions as a result of rain and flood damage in collaboration with the Red Crescent and arranged temporary accommodation and meals for 42 people noticed to have sustained household damages that impedes ease of life.

The country had observed heavy rainfall Saturday afternoon, with Male’ soon flooding as a result of the persistent downpour in the city. Roads that commonly experience waterlogging had soon become difficult to travel in. MNDF officers had engaged in flood control efforts to alleviate these difficulties.

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