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Aim is to work fast and achieve results: President

Mariyath Mohamed
10 April 2024, MVT 19:15
President Dr Muizzu speaks at Nazim's campaign event last night.-- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
10 April 2024, MVT 19:15

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the aim is to speed up work and swiftly achieve good results, and that for that, it is essential to have a parliament that will cooperate with the Executive.

The President made these remarks while speaking at a campaign event of Maldives National Party (MNP) leader and candidate for North Maafannu constituency Mohamed Nazim on Tuesday night.

He appealed to the public to opt for parliamentarians in all constituencies who will be sincere towards and extend cooperation to the government.

The President noted that 'simple things' like getting approval for ambassadors through Parliament remained incomplete as a result of not having parliament majority. He said that while things remain as such, larger issues such as housing can only be addressed through ascertaining absolute support of the parliament.

The President pointed out that the past four months demonstrated how an opposition led party obstructs the government, citing as the biggest proof of this the issue of refusing parliamentary approval to three cabinet ministers without presenting any reasonable justification.

He reiterated that current events show what the results will be if members who do not support the government are elected into parliament again.

He affirmed that the government intends to bring development at fast speeds, and to show results, but asserted that the election of such members would once again cause unnecessary delays and halts. He once again pressed upon the importance of electing government leaning MPs for this reason.

"A vote for our candidates will be a vote given to speedy development. On the other hand, if you elect people of the opposite view, who will obstruct us, who will hinder us and harass us as they are doing even now, then there is no guarantee. We can only achieve things then if they pass things for us," the President said.

The President expressed confidence that the people will vote for development, and that the people wanted the nation to go in the direction of peace and unity, reaching the ultimate goals aspired to by citizens.

"If you vote for Nazim, and for our 92 candidates, that is a vote you are casting for the development of the entire nation."