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Drugs worth over MVR 400 million disposed

Police said that 103 kg of the 125 kg of drugs seized have been disposed of yesterday.

Malika Shahid
04 March 2024, MVT 17:58
Police dispose of illicit narcotics in a previous case -- Photo: Police
Malika Shahid
04 March 2024, MVT 17:58

Police have disposed of drugs worth over MVR 425 million seized in various operations.

Police said 103 kg from the 125 kg of the illicit narcotics seized by the police were disposed of in Dhoonidhoo, while 21 kg of drugs remained undisposed.

The largest amount of the 125 kilograms disposed was heroin. Cannabis was also disposed of in large quantities.

Details of 125 kg of drugs disposed:

- Heroin: 66012.5786

- Cannabis: 14304.4729

- Meth: 6873.7369

- Cocaine: 9769.0366

- Cathinone: 6251.7878

- Ketamine: 463.6739

- LSD: 0.0424

Police said that the drugs involved in 958 cases were disposed of yesterday.

The items included 8,293 rubber packets, 2,731 cellophane bags, 237 empty film canisters, 585 bullets, and 30 blunt joints. In addition to this, various drugs were also seized from different items.

With the latest changes in the drug disposal procedure, the drugs seized in various cases are kept to the legally required limit for the investigation of the case, and the remaining drugs are disposed of.

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusaan has recently stated that the government is working to find an appropriate solution to the issue of illicit narcotics. The aim is to completely curb drug cases within the next five years, he said, adding that drugs worth MVR 44.5 million have been seized within six months.

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