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China gifts 12 eco-friendly ambulances to Maldives

Mariyath Mohamed
04 March 2024, MVT 11:06
'Green Ambulances' gifted by China.-- Photo: President's Office
Mariyath Mohamed
04 March 2024, MVT 11:06

China has gifted twelve eco-friendly ambulances to Maldives on Sunday.

In a ceremony held at the Ministry of Health yesterday, Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin presented the awarding letter gifting these green ambulances to the Maldives.

The letter was accepted by State Minister Khadheeja AbduSamadh from the Ministry of Health.

First Lady Sajida Mohamed also attended the ceremony.

First Lady Sajidha (C), China Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin (L) and State Minister Khadheeja (R) at yesterday's ceremony.-- Photo: President's Office

The Ministry said that these ambulances would contribute towards establishing faster response times in emergencies in the islands.

Additionally, they would also be useful in smaller islands where it is inconvenient to operate larger paramedic ambulances, they said.

These eco-friendly ambulances are designed to look like buggies, however they are furnished with a stretcher instead of passenger seats.

The Ministry expressed gratitude to China for the continued support it extends towards Maldives in all situations.