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Have not lied, opposition is twisting my words: President

President Muizzu has responded to the opposition's criticism and said that he has not lied and would honor the oath he took while assuming presidency.

Malika Shahid
04 March 2024, MVT 11:48
Malika Shahid
04 March 2024, MVT 11:48

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has responded to the opposition's criticism that this government is a "lying and deceitful" government.

Addressing the people of Raa Atoll Dhuvaafaru, President Muizzu said that he would not lie, and he took his oath in the name of Allah. Every word of the oath is important, he said.

"So I am not going to lie. Others are lying and trying to twist what I say," he said.

As an example, the President said that while he was talking about expanding the tax base, rumors were circulating that he was introducing a new tax. The President said that one example of expanding the tax base is to increase TGST revenue by expanding tourism.

"Increasing tax based revenue is on the economic agenda. So when they spoke of it, they lied. Those who lie will think others will lie," he said.

"I have not lied. I haven't lied anywhere. God willing, I won't lie in the future as well," the President said.

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) President Abdullah Shahid and former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih have been the most vocal in their criticism of the current government, alleging that the government is lying about everything.

Shahid said this government came to power by selling "a platter of lies," and now these lies are coming to light.

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