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Badminton Association shrouded with corruption allegations

Badminton Association, awarded Best Association of the Year by the State in 2023 is presently encased within many allegations of corruption and supervisor conduct that gave rise to personal gain.

Aishath Shuba Solih
03 March 2024, MVT 06:29
President of the Badminton Association of Maldives, Moosa Nashid
Aishath Shuba Solih
03 March 2024, MVT 06:29

Badminton is a thriving sport in Maldives studded by the achievements of badminton players.

However, Badminton Association of Maldives (BAM) is now facing allegations of corruption for personal gain and disparity among athletes.

An official formerly involved in the operations of BAM made allegations against the President of the association, Moosa Nashid for using the associations interests to benefit his private business “Askani Sports”. The shuttlecock that is used in tournaments is bought from Askani Sports which is solely available from Askani Sports, according to them.

When Mihaaru News inquired about it, Moosa had requested a formal letter to be sent. However, the letter Mihaaru News sent to the association demanding particulars was never honored with a response.

The association has further refrained from disclosing information inquired in conformity of the Right to Information Act (Law Number 1/2014), as evident from their failure to reveal details requested by Aiman Latheef (Piko), in abidance of this law. In addition to this dialogue, Piko, who publishes information acquired from institutions under this law on his website, “Zinmaadhaaru”, loosely translated to “Responsible”, had shared that despite his dual inquiry to the association, responses from the association has proven highly difficult to obtain.

Alleged procedures of Akani Sports to win bids through loopholes in the Constitutions

A different company had proposed a bid and triumphed the search in 2016 once the association made an announcement seeking feather shuttlecocks, Yonex MAVIS 5000 and Yonex MAVIS 350 rubber shutters, a variety of the balls required for the sport. However, another search was announced due to this company’s failure in supplying the items.

Askani Sports joins the action at this point alongside one other company, proposing a bid to supply the essentials under a credit scheme.

Wishing to accept this bid offered by President Moosa’s Askani company, BAM had requested Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) to supervise and advice on this case under concern claims linked with the company owner’s relationship to the badminton association in the year 2016.

In review of the past conduct of the company that triumphed the initial bid, ACC had consulted BAM that purchasing the shuttlecocks from Askani is a good call, regardless of President Moosa Nashid's ownership of Askani, as the company’s offer to supply the items under a credit scheme is beneficial for the association.

President of the Badminton Association of Maldives, Moosa Nashid

Subsequently, a number of former players had lodged complaints on this case to the ACC to no avail.

Their document disclosed by ACC in response to this case read that they are closing the case prompted by complaints on BAM’s corruption as bearing no relation to corruption in conformity of the Anti-Corruption regulation as the investigation conducted to seek evidence of corruption as stipulated in the Anti-Corruption Act had not delivered evidence of such conduct.

The statement by ACC had further stated that they were unable to obtain the essential documents of items purchased amid the lodged complaint required for the investigation as the association’s headquarter had relocated during that time. Information was vague as the efforts to clarify the first supplier from the initial announcement was unfruitful while the attempts to obtain the name of the company who had proposed bids together with Askani Company amid the second announcement had also failed to deliver results.

A former employee of BAM maintains that the other companies has notable ties with the President of BAM, Moosa.

“It would be a company formed under the name of a close companion to him [Moosa]. He has control over the matter,” said the individual who wishes to remain anonymous.

President of the Badminton Association of Maldives, Moosa Nashid

A former badminton champion who condemns Moosa had further remarked that despite remaining undenounced by the law, a personal business would not be inserted within an issue that the higher-ups maintains control over if good governance was practised.

Personnel involved within this sport had also previously expressed concerns on the association’s conduct in relation to monetary matters. Multiple members of the association remain dubious of the association’s financial transactions since the tenure of the former President of the Association, Ismail Shafeeq.

A badminton player who addressed this situation with Mihaaru News had asserted that despite this rising concern, no action has been taken by concerned institutions to hold BAM accountable.

“If the State investigates the matter even a little, things would not have escalated to this point. No [Sports] Ministers or Sports Commissioners who assumed office thus far have even attempted to take a look into this,” said a former badminton player.

They further highlighted that the state presently befallen by FAM is evidence enough to serve the statement that the government’s negligence towards sports associations had inflicted substantial damages.

The General Secretary of the Badminton Association is also presently away from work, as affirmed by a call to him.

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