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Five year anniversary Sinamalé Bridge; a landmark of transformation

30 August 2023, MVT 15:15
[File] Sinamalé Bridge
30 August 2023, MVT 15:15

The Sinamalé Bridge, formerly China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, today marks its 5 year anniversary.

The bridge, which was developed under the People's Republic of China's Belt and Road Initiative presented by President Xi Jinping a decade ago, has been a catalyst for transformative changes in the Maldives.

Since its inauguration, the Sinamalé Bridge has not only connected Malé and Hulhumalé but has also bridged the gap between aspirations and realities. This mega project, made possible by collaborative efforts, symbolizes the bilateral relations between the Maldives and China, bringing significant economic progress over the past five years.

Before the construction of the bridge, residents and tourists had to take a 30-minute ferry ride from Malé to Hulhumalé, which are only 10 km apart. This journey has now been transformed into a short 10-minute trip across the bridge.

The bridge has facilitated smoother transportation, enhancing accessibility for both locals and tourists. Hulhumalé has become a destination for thousands of people to travel out of the congested environment of Malé City.

The Sinamalé Bridge stands as a tangible reminder of the positive outcomes that can emerge when nations come together with a shared vision.

In these five years, the Sinamalé Bridge has become more than just a physical structure; it has transformed the lives of many, offering convenience in daily commutes and creating new opportunities for businesses.

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