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Yaamin and Rilwan's murder: Criminal Court sustains order to detain accused

Lamya Abdulla
03 October 2022, MVT 19:40
(FILE) Three men arrested in connection to the murder of Rilwan and Yamin (L-R) Ahmed Muaz, Ismail Abdu-Raheem, and Ahmed Ismail -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
03 October 2022, MVT 19:40

Criminal Court upholds the ruling made to detain three people charged with the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan and the murder of blogger Yamin Rasheed.

Following the investigation conducted by the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances three people were arrested on July 26; Ismail Abdul-Raheem, aged 30, and Ahmed Ismail, aged 40, from Male', and Ahmed Muaz, 39.

Ahmed Ismail was charged with conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism as well as aiding and abetting an act of terrorism. Ismail Abdul-Raheem was had two counts of aiding and abetting and act of terrorism charged against him while Muaz was charged with conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.

The last hearing in the case was held by the Criminal Court on Thursday, September 29, which had been the first hearing scheduled after both the state prosecutors and defense lawyers had requested to hold closed hearings for this case.

Mihaaru News reported the hearing held on Thursday was to review the order to detain the defendants. After hearings of the requests for their release from custody, and the statements by the state, it was decided that there was no reason to release them.

Ismail Abdul-Raheem was accused of having stalked Yamin and Rilwan, in addition to aiding and abetting in the murder of both of them. The state accuses Ahmed Ismail of organizing Rilwan's murder, as well as being involved with organizing stalking Yamin prior to his murder. Muaz is accused of organizing Rilwan's murder.

The state requested to keep the case hearings closed as there was a possibility of the people involved being abused as the case was still being investigated. The defense requests to keep the hearings closed as the interests of the defendants could be harmed due to the nature of the hearings.

The case of these three individuals is the first and only case to be sent for prosecution after being investigated by the Presidential Commission formed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to investigate the unsolved deaths.

Delivering justice for the murders of Rilwan and Yamin was a Presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

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