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Home Minister's stern criticism on parliamentary system

Mohamed Rehan
16 August 2022, MVT 07:08
Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdulla; claimed parliamentary system was not suitable for Maldives--
Mohamed Rehan
16 August 2022, MVT 07:08

Incumbent Minister of Home Affairs, and President of Adaalath Party Imran Abdulla has sternly criticized parliamentary system of governance.

According to the minister, transitioning the Maldivian governance into a parliamentary system will further divide the people. He also claimed the system was regressive in nature to the country.

Parliament Speaker had earlier announced his decision to present a declaration to the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) upcoming congress.

Nasheed's declaration which has now been publicized, includes proposed amendments to the Maldives Constitution to bring forth a parliamentary system of governance.

Minister Imran had made the statement, voicing his stance on the governance system on Monday evening, August 15.

The minister via a tweet said parliamentary system of governance was not suited to the Maldives, and enforcing the system amid the island nation's current political condition will hinder any efforts of achieving political harmony.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, Nasheed met with local media correspondents where he claimed the support of Minister of Economic Development and current chairperson of MDP Fayyaz Ismail was crucial for his cause. Nasheed said the minister's endorsement was necessary for him to change the governance system.

However, Fayyaz later on Monday evening, confirmed his view to sustain the current presidential system of governance.

He made the comments to local media "Mihaaru" stating, "I have always believed that Maldives should have a presidential system."

Speaking at a press conference, former President Abdulla Yameen said that he has always supported a parliamentary system. However, he said that the system could only be changed by a public referendum and that he did not believe it could be successful.

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