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Remaining funds will be used for more student loans

Lamya Abdulla
17 May 2022, MVT 11:53
Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan talking at the press conference held in the Higher Education Ministry on May 16 regarding student loan opportunities -- Photo: Higher Education Ministry
Lamya Abdulla
17 May 2022, MVT 11:53

Minister of Higher Education Dr. Ibrahim Hassan said on Monday that additional opportunities will be opened for higher education with the funds allocated from the budget this year.

Even though over 1,000 students applied to the 720 loan opportunities that were opened in February, only 393 students were awarded loans because some students had dropped out from the space allocated for some courses.

The Ministry had allocated a large budget for this round of loan applications. However, MVR 21 million was left behind due to the decrease in the number of students who received loans at this time.

At a press conference held in the ministry yesterday, Dr. Hassan said that efforts are underway to open the remaining funds from the loan budget to an additional round of the loan applications.

Further details regarding additional loan applications will be announced soon.

This time, the most number of students applied for pilot training; 252 students applied for the ten slots allocated for the sector. Similarly, a total of 129 students applied for the 25 MBBS opportunities available as well. Over 9,000 students are currently studying under government issued student loans.