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Opposition majority may spark coup, country needs stability: President Dr Muizzu

Ameera Osmanagic
19 April 2024, MVT 21:35
President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in Fuvahmulah
Ameera Osmanagic
19 April 2024, MVT 21:35

If the opposition is able to secure a majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to be held on Saturday, there would be talks of a potential coup and overthrowing the government, said President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu last night.

The President’s remarks were made during a People’s National Congress (PNC) campaign event held in Fuvahmulah. Speaking at the event, President Dr Muizzu further added that the country is currently in need of stability and implored the public to vote for candidates who are politically aligned with the incumbent administration.

He added that a significant responsibility lies on his shoulders as President, which includes making a developed Fuvahmulah a reality.

President Dr. Muizzu, who also serves as the President of PNC, assured that he will fulfill all his presidential pledges. However, he stressed that in order to do so, he will require the support and cooperation of the Parliament, which he does not expect to receive should the opposition claim majority seats.

He added that while the opposition previously voiced intentions of making the government accountable, their tune has now changed to one of overthrowing the government and ousting the president through a parliamentary vote.

“They are very clearly saying that their support will not be extended to the government and that their plan is to change the government. They did not speak of that before. Previously they used a very simple, regular term – accountability. Accountability should be implemented; it can be done. But it should be done for the constituency’s sake,” said the President.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu pose for a picture with supporters in Fuvahmulah city

Highlighting that the party's ideology would take precedence if the opposition MPs are elected, the President said the Parliament had refused approval of three of his Cabinet Ministers without any reason.

Reminiscing his time as Housing Minister during former President Abdulla Yameen’s administration, President Dr Muizzu recalled being summoned to the Parliament often on various matters. They did so, according to the President, because they were government aligned members.

“This country needs stability. [We] need the Parliament implement work according to the manifesto. The country should not come to a standstill because of rifts between the Parliament and administration,” President Muizzu further added.

The President said that despite serious efforts from the government in running the country during the past five months, they have received no support from the Parliament.

Speaking about one of his top presidential pledges of removing Indian military presence from Maldives, President Dr. Muizzu said that efforts are underway via diplomatic channels. He said that the Indian pilots operating helicopters and Dornier planes have been categorized into three groups, and that all pilots will depart from the country before May 10, 2024. He also highlighted while foreign assistance was previously sought to monitor the Maldivian maritime area, it is now being conducted with drones as of last month, bringing a sense of self sufficiency.

Rerouting his speech back to the needs of Fuvahmulah, President Dr Muizzu forecasted mega infrastructural development in the city, considering the fast pace of developmental projects being signed.