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Crocodile found by picnic-goers in Shaviyani Atoll caught

Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 09:13
Crocodile caught in Shaviyani Atoll yesterday.-- Photo: Funadhoo Council
Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 09:13

Picnic-goers who visited the uninhabited island of Farukolhu in Shaviyani Atoll made an alarming discovery yesterday when they came across a large crocodile on the island's beach.

The crocodile has since been caught.

Nearby Funadhoo's Island Council President Ahmed Ibrahim Fulhu spoke to Mihaaru about the incident, and shared that the crocodile was approximately 10 feet long in size.

Upon discovery of the crocodile, the picnic-goers had notified the police. Through their combined efforts, they were able to catch the crocodile.

"It must be about 10 feet long. It is at this island's [Funadhoo] Police Station now. It will be handed over to MNDF, they have also arrived now," the council president said last night.

Videos of the picnic-goers attempting to catch the crocodile have been circulating on social media as well.

Although crocodiles are not common in Maldivian waters, they are occasionally spotted. Just last month, a crocodile said to be 9 feet in size was caught near Kandimma Resort.

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