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Turkey Extends 30 Additional Scholarships to Maldives

Rabeeha Amir
28 November 2023, MVT 14:02
President Muizzu meets with a Maldivian studying in Turkey.
Rabeeha Amir
28 November 2023, MVT 14:02

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, currently on an official visit to Turkey, announced that Turkey will grant 30 more scholarships to the Maldives.

The announcement came at a meeting with Maldivians residing in Turkey, during which attendees appealed to the President to facilitate further training and scholarship opportunities to fellow Maldivians.

Following discussions with senior Turkish government officials, President Muizzu confirmed that starting next year, 30 exclusive scholarships will be made available to Maldivian students, with applications set to open in January.

Attendees at the meeting also highlighted the challenges arising from the absence of an embassy in Turkey. President Muizzu assured them that he would explore possibilities for establishing an embassy in Turkey to address this concern.

Locals brought to the President's attention the difficulties caused by bank card limits and requested his intervention to resolve the issue. President Muizzu responded by stating that the bank is actively working on finding a solution to the existing criteria.

President Dr. Muizzu had a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during which a trade agreement was signed, and discussions took place on strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries.

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