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Abdul Raheem appointed as Head of Transitional Committee

Malika Shahid
02 October 2023, MVT 18:24
President-elect Dr. Muizzu with PPM SG Tholal and Abdul Raheem during a press conference held after the victory in Saturday's presidential election -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa
Malika Shahid
02 October 2023, MVT 18:24

People's National Congress (PNC) leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla has been nominated as the head of the transitional committee responsible for managing the transition of power following the election of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu as the president of the Maldives for the next five years.

According to the Presidential Transition Act, the director general of transition must be appointed by the Civil Service Commission at the request of the President-elect.

Abdul Raheem, who was at the forefront of the presidential campaign alongside Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)/PNC candidate Dr. Muizzu, said that according to the law, the transitional committee's office should be established after the declaration of the final election results. However, they are looking into whether the relevant committees can begin functioning before the official declaration.

Abdul Raheem is also the interim leader of the PPM/PNC coalition.

The law mandates the director general of transition to make specific arrangements, including establishing an office for the president-elect, provision of necessary equipment, hiring employees along with their salaries and allowances. Additionally, the law requires the provision of various technical experts and their corresponding salaries and allowances if deemed necessary.

According to the Presidential Transition Act, the maximum expenditure allocated for the transitional process is MVR 1 million.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also established a committee yesterday to oversee the transition process on his behalf.

Corporate Service Secretary at the President's Office, Hussain Amir has been appointed as the head of the committee, according to the President's Office.

President Solih, who lost the presidential election on Saturday by a margin of 19,000 votes, met with President-elect Dr. Muizzu yesterday.

During the meeting yesterday, president Solih assured that he would comply with all the requirements outlined in the "Presidential Transition Act" as soon as possible.