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Qasim opposes move to parliamentary system

03 October 2023, MVT 10:31
President Nasheed who is advocating for the Parliamentary System with Qasim. Photo: Mihaaru
03 October 2023, MVT 10:31

Leader of Jumhooree Party (JP), Qasim Ibrahim, has called to stop efforts to change the current system into a parliamentary system government, and said that it will disrupt the existing system and stability in the country.

Qasim, who received 5,000 votes and lost in the first round of the presidential election posted on X, saying that the efforts to change the system just before a new constitutionally elected president is to take oath of office contradicts with the Constitution as well as international norms.

The parliament passed a resolution and instructed the Elections Commission to hold a referendum to decide on a system of government before October 30. The Commission is preparing to hold the referendum on October 29.

In his post on X, Qasim said that working to change the system of government just after electing a new president for the next term, especially when the result has been accepted by the international community, is not right. He said that these efforts to change the system with the intention of securing power for a certain group of people go against democratic principles.

Qasim said disrupting the existing environment in the name of an abrupt change in the system of government is not something that should be acceptable or done by any citizen who wants the best for the country.

Qasim said this decision will destabilize the economy and lead to the creation of unrest and discord.

"A specific party in the parliament should not unfairly leverage their majority to make a political deal with a president rejected by the people to push for such a vote. This approach will not be accepted by most of the people and should not be supported," said Qasim.

Qasim said that the most important duty in the interests of the nation is to handover the rightful powers of the government to the elected president and take the country forward with peace and stability.

"There is no doubt that the country can recover from extensive debt and move forward only if political and social stability exists within the country."

Qasim said that there is no benefit to the people in changing the system. Instead, those who will benefit are parliament members, a prime minister assuming office with a few votes, and individuals in the parliament who will hold cabinet portfolios and other positions in the government.

Qasim urged all political leaders to stop efforts to change the system of government into a parliamentary system and prioritize the stability of the nation.