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45 kilos of heroin found submerged in sea

Mohamed Rehan
27 May 2023, MVT 16:24
Confiscated drugs--
Mohamed Rehan
27 May 2023, MVT 16:24

Maldives Police Service reports the discovery of 45 kilograms of heroin found submerged in the sea near Faafu atoll Filitheyo on Thursday, May 18.

Police informed local medias through WhatsApp that the anti-narcotics operation has been concluded, although no arrests were made. According to the message, the police conducted the operation based on an intelligence report and discovered substances believed to be heroin.

The authority did not disclose any further information regarding the case.

In addition to confiscating drugs submerged in the ocean during the recent anti-narcotics operation, the police had also discovered several narcotic substances submerged in a lagoon last year. However, no arrests were made in that case either.

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