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Bollards being affixed on pavements to prevent unlawful parking

Male' City Council has begun installing bollards on pavements in order to address the escalated issue of vehicles such as cars and pickups parking over pavements.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 June 2024, MVT 14:45
Bollards affixed on the pavement near Sultan Park. -- Photo: Male' City Council
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 June 2024, MVT 14:45

Male' City Council has begun affixing bollards in order to prevent unlawful parking over the pavements reserved for pedestrian use.

Mayor of Male' City Council, Adam Azim stated today that bollards are being affixed across various locations in Male' in order to prevent vehicles such as cars from parking over pavements. He assured that these posts will be installed in consideration of areas that would not hinder runs or strolls.

The council is currently proceeding this work on the pavement directly in front of Sultan Park as well as pavements in Lonuziyaarai Magu.

While the work to affix bollards on the roads of Male' City has commenced, the problem of cars and pickups parking unlawfully over pavements has escalated, posing various difficulties for pedestrians as a result.

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