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Police investigate taxi driver who kicked out passengers

Police have have begun investigating a case involving a taxi driver who asked passengers to exit the vehicle after becoming angry. Authorities have assured that all necessary actions will be taken regarding the case.

Aishath Shuba Solih
18 May 2024, MVT 19:21
Police officers active at Velana International Airport (VIA) taxi queue. -- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru News
Aishath Shuba Solih
18 May 2024, MVT 19:21

Police have begun investigating a case of a taxi driver who reportedly made passengers leave the vehicle while enroute from Hulhumale' to Male' after becoming angry.

Sharing the incident on social media, the passenger stated that the taxi was hired to return to Male' after her child's swimming competition. The passenger said that the taxi driver had spoken excessively and inappropriately during the trip.

She recalled that the driver had asked for permission to take another passenger at some point, and he became upset once she stated that the next passenger should be charged a cheaper fare, considering that the next trip would begin from the point the current trip was concluded.

"I told [the taxi driver] that it is alright to let on another passenger if the he agrees that the fare charged for the second trip should begin after the current one is over. But he disagreed and started getting angrier, saying that it would be decided between himself and the other passenger, " the passenger detailed.

The post also included the number plate of the taxi.

She said that the driver told them to leave the vehicle after driving around Hulhumale' and failing to find an additional passenger.

"Not being able to find another passenger after driving round Hulhumale' with us, we were told to leave the vehicle after a while, saying that 'even if I am called evil' there is no other option other than to leave you where you were picked up from. After dropping us off at the location where we were picked up from, he left," said the mother, expressing concerns about being callously left on the road in the heavy rain, which makes it extremely difficult to find taxis.

She stated that the driver had displayed shameful behavior despite having a mother and child as passengers eager to return home after finishing a tiring competition.

Addressing this incident, Chief Superintendent and Spokesperson of Police, Ahmed Shifan, in a tweet on X, stated that the police has investigated the incident and are taking necessary action in accordance with the regulations.

While this case has been brought to the attention of authorities, incidents where drivers made passengers exit the vehicle after disagreements have occurred in the past as well. The government has recently started addressing the issue of taxi drivers charging varying fees from passengers following public concerns raised on the matter.

However, some taxi drivers expressed their discontentment, calling on the government to refrain from intervening with taxi fees.

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