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President asks for early voting to help secure Malé City seats for Majlis 2024

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has requested that citizens of Malé City to show up early for voting to help his ruling-party secure all 17 seats in the capital and bring about the development desired by citizens in the region.

Hanaan Hussain
18 April 2024, MVT 11:21
President Dr. Muizzu-PPM-PNC Majlis Campaign 2024
Hanaan Hussain
18 April 2024, MVT 11:21

President Dr Muizzu made the comments while speaking at a rally held in Malé on Wednesday night to support the ruling People's National Congress (PNC) candidates in the Majlis elections slated for Sunday. The President asked for the public to vote for candidates that will work in accordance with the government's plan to solve the problems faced by citizens of the city.

President Dr Muizzu also emphasized the importance of going to vote early in the morning.

"Everyone should think of it as a personal thing to go and vote, to try and take all those you know with you when you head to the polling stations early and vote for our candidates," said the President. "There is no need to wait until the evening or a less sunny hour. You should aim to go vote as early as possible and help us win."

The President requested as many people as possible to go out and vote to help his ruling-party secure a historic win within the 20th People's Majlis.

"I hope you will give us support that will change the history of this city, give us even more support than you did when we were in Malé City Council. Vote for our vision of development, the peace, security and housing solutions that the people of Malé have always wanted and help elect all 17 of our candidates into Majlis seats for the capital," said the President.

According to President Dr. Muizzu, all candidates contesting for seats in Malé with government endorsement are all individuals he knows personally. He assured that these candidates would be sure to support the government's development efforts.

In his speech addressing the citizens of Malé, the President stated that the biggest problem faced by the city's residents was the issue of housing insecurity, and reiterated that he would solve this issue within the next five years.

President Dr. Muizzu-PPM-PNC Majlis Campaign 2024

However, President Dr Muizzu noted that land available from Gulhifalhu, Giraavaru Falhu and Hulhumalé would not be enough to solve the housing crises in central Maldives. He once again made references to the incumbent administration's plan to conduct a mega-project for land reclamation at Fushidhiggaru Falhu just outside of Malé, promising citizens housing solutions from the area once development was complete.

President Dr Muizzu revealed that the size of land being reclaimed at Fushidhiggaru Falhu was equivalent to that of two phases in Hulhumalé. He also noted that an additional 80 hectares of land would be reclaimed from Gulhifalhu, and around 50 more hectares would be added to the reclaimed Giraavaru Falhu region.

President Dr. Muizzu-PPM-PNC Majlis Campaign 2024

Closing out his address, the President emphasized the importance of his administration securing a super-majority at Majlis in order to support the development projects being implemented by the government. He warned that if candidates from other parties were elected, they would not get votes in parliament to support the government's vision due to ideological and partisan differences. The President went on to describe how this could cause delays in the development and infrastructure projects being initiated by his government across the country.

President Dr Muizzu stated that in the end, it would be citizens who decide whether they would be electing MPs that would cooperate with the government, or political figures that had sat in Majlis for the past five years without fulfilling promises for development made to the people.

The 20th People's Majlis will be elected by the people of Maldives through a vote 21 April, Sunday. 368 candidates are contesting for parliament seats across 93 constituencies in what has turned out to be one of the most competitive election cycles in the country's democratic history.