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Tree Top announces discount for heart screening

Mohamed Rehan
03 October 2022, MVT 18:42
Tertiary healthcare institution; Tree Top Hospital - the hospital has sliced prices on heart screening packages to encourage patients to assess the cardiovascular conditions-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
03 October 2022, MVT 18:42

Tree Top Hospital announces 10 percent discount on their heart screening packages.

The hospital curated two distinct packages for two age categories which include; patients aged between 30 and 60, and patients aged 60 and above.

The "Health Heart" and "Strong Heart" packages focus on identifying cardiovascular diseases; which comes with medical history examination, height and weight check, Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure analysis of the patient - which fall under clinical examination. Diagnosis tests under the packages include chest x-rays, eco-cardiogram, electro-cardiogram (ECG) and cardiac stress (TMT).

Both packages come with their respective OPD check-ups available from the hospital. Services under OPD consultation include; consultation and review by cardiology specialist and nutrition assessment by a clinical dietician.

Laboratory investigations under the packages include; Full Blood Count, Erythrocyte Sedimentation rate, Glycated Hemoglobin, Fasting Blood Glucose, Urea, Creatine, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Lipid Profile as well as Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and CRP (Vario).

Tree Top claims discounts on the packages were aimed at encouraging the public on heart screening, subsequently pushing them towards a healthier lifestyle.

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