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137 cases of child abuse reported in may

Lamya Abdulla
30 June 2022, MVT 13:28
(FILE) Protesters holding posters on June 29, 2020: a total of 278 cases were reported to Gender Ministry in May 2022 -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
30 June 2022, MVT 13:28

Gender Ministry’s statistics show that 137 cases relating to child abuse was reported in May.

As per the statistics published by the ministry yesterday, a total of 278 cases were reported to Gender Ministry last month. The most common were various types of child abuse cases.

Child abuse cases reported

- 31 cases of physical and sexual violence

- 26 cases of neglect

- 20 cases of showing or letting a child witness domestic abuse

- Nine cases of bullying

- Nine cases of mental abuse

- Four cases of threats issued against a minor

- Three cases of misusing children

- Two cases of misusing children in business for profit

- Two cases of online bullying from other children

Following child abuse, the next highest cases were reported in gender based abuse, and domestic abuse, which amounted to 49 in total.

Nineteen cases relating to the behaviour of children were also reported. The ministry’s statistics also show that 31 family cases were reported, in addition to 19 cases requesting for assistance by disabled and elderly.

The number of child abuse cases reported had increased earlier this year, attracting public criticism to the ministry.-