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Mental and physical well-being awareness program for children next month

Lamya Abdulla
14 July 2021, MVT 13:35
Poster for Aharenge Hafthaa -- Photo: Aharenge Hafthaa Facebook page
Lamya Abdulla
14 July 2021, MVT 13:35

Special program aimed at raising awareness amongst children aged 13 and 14 on mental, physical and emotional well-being will be held next month.

The program titled "Aharenge Hafthaa," meaning "My Week," will be held on August 1, 3, and 5, by Reset with Umana.

This program will focus on providing information on how to handle things that may happen in their life without any hesitation. It will also be helping children navigate and connect with their sense of self and understanding their mental and emotional needs in addition to managing their emotions.

Experts from various areas will be joining this program to talk with the participants. While this program is headed by life coach Umana, The Re-Vibe, wellness enthusiast Lucy, Flawless by Fenny will be joining it in addition to Island Apothecary and Starling.

The first day of the event is focused on physical well-being. It will teach about connecting to oneself and to distance from negative thoughts that come their way. Founder of Flawless, Fenny will be teaching them about how she chose baking and why. Island Apothecary will teach kids how to love and take care of their body.

One entire day is set to carry out special activities concentrated on how to take care of mental well-being.

The third day of this program will teach children how to regulate different emotions they face. Sometimes, when children do not know how to express the feelings they experience, it leads to one being more anxious. This part of the program will be carried out by The Revibe.

Applications to sign up for this program is available through a form on Aharenge Hafthaa's social media account. There are ten available slots for this. "Meerumaa Events" will inform the participants that get one of the slots. People that would like to clarify further information can visit Henveiru Meerumaa, third floor on 24th of this month.