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Discussing further restrictive measures with President: HEOC

Lamya Abdulla
11 May 2021, MVT 16:05
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih: Maldives is under discussion to control the worst COVID surge so far
Lamya Abdulla
11 May 2021, MVT 16:05

Discussions were being carried out with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to control the spread of COVID-19 within Maldives, Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) stated on Tuesday.

Maldives is currently dealing with the worst COVID surge wave so far, with over 1,000 people testing positive daily. The COVID daily statistics do include a backlog of near 300 tests these days.

Local media reports have been claiming that HEOC was waiting for Ramadan and Eid to be over before going into a full lockdown.

However, at the media briefing by HEOC on Monday evening, Spokesperson to President Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said they have not made a decision regarding a lockdown so far.

However, he went on to state that the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) advised stricter movement restriction. If the rise in COVID numbers does not appear to be controlled then even, TAG's advice was to move forward with a lockdown.

Even though no decision has been made so far, Mabrook had said these discussions were underway, and as the HEOC media briefing was ongoing, a team from HEOC and TAG were discussing further restrictive measures.

Some restrictive measures have already been placed. All travel between the islands have been limited for essential travel only while the Greater Male' Area have a curfew in place from 2100hrs to 0400hrs now.