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Islamic Minister challenges Home Minister for Adhaalath Party leadership

24 January 2021, MVT 08:42
Current Adhaalath leader and Home Minister Imran Abdulla (R) faces competition from Islamic Minister Ali Zahir (L) in the race for party leadership. Elections are slated for January 31, 2021. PHOTO: MIHAARU
24 January 2021, MVT 08:42

Adhaalath Party, religious conservatives within the ruling coalition, announced on Friday that the two contestants running for new party leadership were current Home Minister Imran Abdulla versus Islamic Minister Ali Zahir.

According to the party, the running mate for Abdulla, who is presently active as Adhaalath’s President, is Ahmed Shareef.

Running for the party’s Vice President position alongside Zahir is Ahmed Nasheed.

Once the party announced its internal elections, public raised concerns over the ineligibility of women for party leadership, following which Adhaalath amended its guidelines to allow for female contestants.

However, by the time yesterday’s 1600 hours deadline passed, no women had stepped forward.

On January 12, Adhaalath Party announced its decision to host the party's congress online, as a precautionary measure to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

The congress is presently scheduled for January 31, and elections will take place for high-profile positions, including the post of party President and Vice President.

All persons registering as party members before January 13, shall be eligible to vote in this election. Thus far, over 7000 members have registered to take part in the congress.

"Voting arrangements will be done with an American company", detailed the party’s media official.

Upon sending a link to registered members, the party will then require all attendees to provide details of their identities (per their National Identification Card), as well as a unique number that shall be issued by the party to all members prior to voting.

Voting will commence once all identification details are verified.

Furthermore, branches of the party in various islands can request for a ballot box, should it meet the minimum criteria of having 30 members registered to vote from said branch