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Domestic Violence case against MP Easa sent for prosecution

Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 13:50
MP Ahmed Easa talking during a meeting by Independent Bodies Committee: MP Easa was accused of domestic violence against his wife Asra Naseem and their child -- Photo: Majilis
Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 13:50

Domestic violence case against Ahmed Easa, Majilis Representative for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency has been sent for prosecution on Tuesday.

He was accused of abusing his wife Asra Naseem and their young child.

The case was initially submitted to the Police by Asra. Even though she later requested to withdraw the case but police had decided they would go ahead with the investigation depending on the nature of the case.

It is not known yet why Asra wanted to halt the investigation.

Easa denies the accusations aimed at him

Easa made a statement via a press release denying the accusations. His eldest child has also come forward in his father's defense.

Criminal refused to issue a warrant to arrest Easa, which was requested by PGO , stating that even though there were plausible reasons to accuse him of domestic violence, legal obstacles prevent them from issuing a court order.

Police said Easa should be arrested because they feared that he may influence witnesses. The police did not provide any proof to back up this statement, the Criminal Court said, while denying to issue a court order.

The PGO had reiterated the Police's stand on the matter, that they fear he may influence witnesses.

When the accusations against Easa became publicly known, there was public outcry demanding he resign from his post. While he did not resign as MP, he has stepped down from the Majilis Committee on Social Affairs.