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Pres Solih orders review of all construction sites in Male

Fathmath Shaahunaz
17 December 2018, MVT 11:30
The construction site of Nalahiya Manzil where the cement bag accident occurred.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
17 December 2018, MVT 11:30

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday ordered a review of safety procedures and inspection of all construction sites in capital Male’ City, in the wake of an incident where a cement bag fell on the head of a little girl.

The president, who is currently on a state visit to India, said on his official Twitter that his thoughts and prayers were with the injured girl and her family.

"I have ordered an immediate review of safety procedures, and inspection of all construction sites in Male’ so that more stringent measures may be put in place for the safety of workers and the general public," read his tweet.

His deputy, Vice President Faisal Naseem, also took to Twitter later the same day, sharing that he had met with the victim's family who are "in deep shock and pain". He assured that the negligence of the contractor will be investigated, and that further preventive measures will be in place at construction sites.

The incident took place early on Sunday, when a cement bag fell from the fifth storey of the Nalahiya Manzil construction site in Maafannu ward, on top of the girl who was walking past the building. Her mother, a Bangladeshi doctor, was walking behind her when the incident occurred.

The unconscious girl was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). A media official from IGMH has stated that the girl was taken into the operation theatre and that her condition remains critical. She is currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Following the accident, Male City Council has temporarily halted issuing of construction permits. The council also declared that the construction site's contractor, W Construction, had been highly negligent regarding safety measures and supervision of the work.