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Ali Zahir criticises opposition's use of 'national card' as desperate move

Mohamed Rehan
26 September 2023, MVT 16:47
President's Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir--
Mohamed Rehan
26 September 2023, MVT 16:47

President's Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir has criticised Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC) coalition.

According to Ali Zahir, the opposition has been resorting to "playing the national card" because it cannot employ any other strategy against the government led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

While the opposition's strongest allegation to the current government is the presence of foreign military in the Maldives, president Solih and his administration have denied this on multiple occasions.

President Solih recently asserted that no-foreign army was present in the Maldives for military operations.

The opposition has made allegations that the Uthuru-Thila Falhu (UTF) has been handed over to the Indian army for the development of their military base. However, the government has recently announced a social housing initiative in the same area.

Ali Zahir also shared statements made by minister of foreign affairs Abdulla Shahid, who previously said that the Maldives Constitution was amended to permit foreign entities to acquire land in the country during the previous Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) government. The President's Office chief of staff recently shared these statements on Twitter.

In his statement, Zahir affirmed the sovereign land of Maldives will not be released to the administrative control of foreign entities, and said that the real turncoats to the nation were making baseless allegations due to their motivations to rule once more.

"As long as blood runs through our veins, we will not cede a single piece of our land to anyone. I urge the public not to be swayed by the statements made by national traitors whose motive is to regain power," Zahir said.