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MNPHI publishes UTF land-use plan

Mohamed Rehan
26 September 2023, MVT 12:41
The publicized land-use plan for the UTF-- Photo: Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure
Mohamed Rehan
26 September 2023, MVT 12:41

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI) has publicized the land-use plan for Uthuru Thila Falhu (UTF).

The land use plan illustration shows the government's plan for social housing projects in the zone. The state has planned to issue and allocate housing units and land plots from UTF to citizens residing in Malé City for a duration of 20 years and more, or for individuals listed on Malé registry for the same duration.

The land use plan shared by the ministry falls within the scope of the second phase of the Binveriya Scheme. Recipients of the first phase are already receiving their designated plots.

State Minister of MNPHI Akram Kamaluddin said a total of 351 hectares of land will be reclaimed from UTF for the social housing initiative.

The land area spans to 5.5 million square-feet according to Akram.

The government has also designated part of UTF for the development of a harbor for Maldives Coastguard to dock their vessels for repairs. An Indian contractor has already been awarded the project to develop a harbor and a dockyard at UTF.

The government announced its plans to allocate over 5,000 plots from UTF for residential purposes.

The eligibility criteria, as specified by the ministry, requires that individuals must be Maldivian citizens aged 18 and above and must not have been a recipient of a previous Binveriya scheme.

According to the scheme's policy, successful individual applicants will receive 1,250 square feet plots while joint applicants stand to receive additional 400 square feet for each applicant. Joint application with more than seven applicants is entitled to receive 4,000 square feet plots.

Individuals applying for the housing flats must not have previously purchased a flat from a private developer, and they should not be receiving a monthly salary exceeding MVR 60,000, according to MNPHI.

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