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First material recovery facility opens in Maldives

09 June 2023, MVT 12:00
Opening of the Materials Recovery Facility -- Photo: Fayaaz Moosa
09 June 2023, MVT 12:00

The first Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Maldives, a joint venture between Coca-Cola Foundation and Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA), has been opened. The primary goal of the facility is to recycle waste and process recyclable materials, particularly PET plastic, for conversion into new materials.

The newly opened facility is equipped with a baling machine to crush plastic and covert it into blocks in addition to weighing equipment, a pick-up truck, and a forklift The facility includes storage space to accommodate baled plastic materials.

The facility is designed to collect PET plastic for recycling, sort the collected plastic and convert it into bales for export. A total of USD 150,000 was invested by the Coca Cola Foundation for the establishment of the facility.

A demonstration of the work done in the facility -- Fayaaz Moosa

The facility was opened by Deputy Managing Director of Urbanco Ahmed Gais during a function held to mark World Environment Day.

Speaking at the function, Gais said that the facility would play a crucial role in advancing the ongoing collaborative discussions with the government to establish a circular economy through the recycling of PET packaging.

He added that this endeavor would result in the development of a new waste management standard and the newly opened facility would not only minimize waste contamination but also create new economic opportunities for the local community.

President of the CocaCola Foundation Saadia Madsbjerg said that CocaCola was committed to provide solutions to major challenges and make a difference through innovative thinking and investment. He said the opening of this facility in Maldives was a step forward towards sustainable development.

Coca-Cola stated that the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) serves as a crucial mechanism for waste management and the processing of recyclable materials, particularly PET plastic. It allows for the conversion of these materials into raw materials to produce new products. The company highlighted the significance of the MRF in establishing a circular economy, managing waste effectively, preventing contamination, reducing the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere, and promoting the utilization of recycled materials.

According to Coca-Cola, the newly opened facility is expected to create job opportunities for the local community by fostering the development of a waste management industry.

The facility located in Hulhumale 2 is the first project in support of the joint efforts made by CocaCola and MOPA to stop contamination of waste and establish a circular economy in the Maldives.

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