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Naeema's murder: police collects fingerprint and DNA samples

Lamya Abdulla
29 April 2023, MVT 20:38
(FILE) Naeema's house closed for public by the police.
Lamya Abdulla
29 April 2023, MVT 20:38

Noonu Fonadhoo Council has requested the residents of the island to cooperate with the police in their investigation of the murder of Naeema Moosa, who was found brutally murdered earlier in April.

The police wishes to collect DNA and fingerprint samples from a large number of people from the island.

President of Fonadhoo Council, Abdul Rahmaan Sabeeh said on Saturday that the police are currently collecting fingerprints from a large number of people from the island. The police have assured the islanders that they are collecting fingerprint and DNA samples from residents in groups by age, not because there is a certain suspect, but rather for investigation purposes.

"The residents have been cooperating with the police," he said.

Naeema was found dead from multiple stab wounds on April 7th, after being reported missing. The police investigation is ongoing, and they have not yet revealed details regarding the case progress.

However, the police assure that Naeema's murderer will be caught.

Despite the assurance, the council has expressed concern and distress over the matter due to the delay in making an arrest. This was not because they do not trust the investigation but rather because they were wary the culprit could be anyone in the close-knit population of the island.

According to the police, in cases such as these, they do not disclose details as they may prove to be an obstruction to the investigation. A special police team has been operating in Manadhoo since Naeema was found dead. They have so far searched a house on the island for this investigation.

The police have so far not made any allegations against anyone, even though rumors among the island's residents have arisen blaming a particular individual on the basis of certain aspects of Naeema's life.

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