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First luxury airline "BEOND" to create some 200 jobs

Malika Shahid
05 October 2022, MVT 18:01
"BEOND", a new airline operator is set to commence operations in Maldives -- Photo: Beyond SIMDI Operations
Malika Shahid
05 October 2022, MVT 18:01

Beyond Simdi Operations CEO Tiro Taskila said yesterday that some 200 jobs will be created with the new luxury airline introduced by Maldives SIMDI Group.

Growth opportunities for the tourism sector with the new global flight connections were discussed during a meeting between the Beyond Airlines team and Maldives Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail.

"We are very excited that BEOND chose to be based in the Maldives. The BEOND team has shared a vision which we are excited to be a part of" said minister Fayyaz.

Taskila said the agreement is significant for both the company and the Maldivian Tourism and Hospitality industry as the island nation is one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

BEOND is set to introduce a number of aviation jobs both in the air and on the ground. The airline will also be proving local businesses and the general public with more direct flights to Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

The first flight of BEOND is scheduled early in 2023.

With the Maldives celebrating the 50th year of tourism in the Maldives, Minister Fayyaz reiterated that the Economic Ministry keeps working on economic drivers and as a new Maldivian carrier, BEOND will play key role in the tourism and transport sector of the country.

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