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Ameenee Magu partially closed off for redevelopment work

Anaan Bushry
14 September 2022, MVT 06:27
Anaan Bushry
14 September 2022, MVT 06:27

Ameenee Magu in Male' City has been closed off from the public for redevelopment.

In a tweet, RDC said Ameenee Magu has now been closed off from Boduthakurufaanu Magu and Ameeni Magu's intersection to Irudheymaa Hingun. That is up to the road in front of Dharubaaruge.

The project of putting tarmac on Ameenee Magu was handed over to RDC by the Planning Ministry on June 3. The project is worth MVR 84 million if it is to be completed within 10 months (210 days). RDC now has seven months remaining from those 10 months.

The work officially started on March 30.

RDC said that wheelchair access will be made available to make it easier for people with disabilities to get around.

Bus stops, parking zones, sign boards, bumpers and street lights will also be set up. While tree pots will be placed to add vibrancy to the road, cable trays will be placed on both sides of the road. A junction for HV cables is also set to be built.

While the work on Ameenee Magu had already started, mini bus services in Male' city had also commenced last week. It is not known if the closure of part of the road will affect the current mini-bus route