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Move to dismiss EC VP finalised over discipline issues: Rozaina

Mariyam Malsa
24 November 2020, MVT 16:28
Chair of the Committee on Independent Institutions, Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam. PHOTO: AHMED AWSHAN ILYAS/ MIHAARU
Mariyam Malsa
24 November 2020, MVT 16:28

Chair of the Committee on Independent Institutions, Parliamentary representative for Addu’s Meedhoo constituency Rozaina Adam, on Tuesday, stated that the decision to submit the motion to dismiss Elections Commission (EC)’s Vice President Ahmed Akram to the parliament floor, was finalised due to disciplinary issues.

The Parliament Committee’s dismissal was approved on November 19, powered by votes from seven out of a total nine parliamentarians that participated in the committee session.

A member of the committee previously stated that the proceedings against Akram concerned allegations of sexual harassment, which were raised by several female staff members of the Elections Commission

However, MP Rozaina stated that the committee had decided to dismiss Akram after concluding that he had failed to adhere to disciplinary standards while communicating with EC staff.

Shortly after the parliamentary committee finalised the decision to pursue Akram's dismissal, the EC Vice President resigned from his position.

In a letter addressed to President Ibrahim Solih, Akram stated that he did not believe retaining his position without the Parliament Committee’s trust was an appropriate decision.

Akram also denied the sexual harassment allegations, claiming that the case against him was lodged to further an agenda against him, based on false allegations.

EC President Ahmed Shareef expressed concern following Akram’s resignation, describing it as the loss of a capable leader.

Further defending Akram on Twitter, Shareef asserted that Akram is “not the type to sexually assault or harass” anyone.

Akram was appointed for his second term at EC in March, after receiving approval from 77 parliamentarians.